Criminal Defence

Criminal Defence

If you have been arrested, charged, invited to an interview under caution or think you may be arrested, then ZMS Solicitors can provide specialist criminal defence advice across the country.

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We understand that you will want to talk to us to find out how we can be of assistance and so we offer a free initial telephone consultation. Please call us on 0116 247 0790 or email

24 Hour Police Station Representation

In an emergency and for 24 hour police station representation, please call 0795 858  7899.

After The Police Interview

Once you have been interviewed by the police a number of things can happen. The criminal justice system carries its own terminology and we thought it would be helpful to explain what some of this terminology means.

NFANo further action.

This means that the police are not taking the matter any further unless new evidence comes to light.

Police Bail

This is when you have been interviewed and given your account and are given a specific date to return to the police station. Sometimes called a Bail Back. This usually applies to more serious cases or allegations within a domestic setting where the police want a date to aim for. It is also useful to protect alleged victims whilst the investigation is ongoing.

In these cases you can be given;-

Police Conditional Bail

This is the same as police bail but where the police have given you certain conditions that you MUST comply with whilst you are on police bail. In theory any type of conditions can be applied to your bail. If we are at the police station with you then we can make representations to the Custody Sergeant about the conditions.

RUI – Released under investigation.

This means that this is not the end of the matter. The police will continue looking into the case against you once you have given them your initial account of your side of the story. This can take some time but we will keep in close contact with the police so that we can provide you with updates on the investigation, and of course represent you again if you are interviewed further.

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