Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm

Assualt Causing Actual Bodily Harm

You can be charged with this offence is you have assaulted someone and there is evidence of injuries, for example a break in the skin. Depending on the nature of the injuries these cases can be heard here or in the Crown Court.

An assault can be committed intentionally or recklessly but cannot be committed by accident. You may also accept that you have “assaulted” someone but that you did so in self-defence.  Words such as ‘intentional’, ‘reckless’ have several meanings and what is the meaning of ‘self-defence’?  We will take you through the evidence against you and explain what your options may be.

ABH carries a maximum sentence of five years so it is a very serious allegation.  For a first offence, a fine and or community order may be imposed. However, if you have been in trouble before or there are aggravating factors, a prison sentence is more likely.