Postal Requisition

Postal Requisition

If you have received a postal requisition you are required to attend the Magistrates’ Court on the date and time specified, or a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

You may have heard of a summons to court?  Well this is the name for the summons and means that a decision has been made to prosecute you for an criminal offence.  They are used in cases where you have been interviewed by the police and released under investigation.

The range of offences that they cover range from simple road traffic or motoring offences, up to and including very serious allegations.

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With lengthy investigations into complex matters, it can be several months, sometimes even in excess of a year, before the police have put together a file for the CPS, and the CPS  has reviewed the evidence in your case.  This means it could be some time from when you are interviewed by the police, to when you receive a postal requisition.

When you receive the Postal Requisition, if you have not already received legal advice, it is vital that you seek it as soon as possible.   As the largest supplier of criminal legal aid in Leicester, and covering cases all over the UK, we are the ideal team to have on your side.  We will explain the sometimes complex rules of legal aid, take you through the application and, if you are not eligible for legal aid, we will agree on private fees for you and will be completely transparent with you about our costs.

We can also request the papers outlining the evidence in your case for you and go through them with you before your first hearing

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