If you or a loved one feels that they have been wrongly convicted or sentenced to a much longer sentence than they should have received they may be entitled to an appeal. This is a complicated area of law and one which will need careful consideration of the case and often carries strict deadlines which means appeals have to be lodged by a particular date. If you have any queries about the process our team can help.

Appeals from the Magistrates’ Court to the Crown Court have to be lodged within 28 days. You do not need specific grounds for this appeal but there are costs and sentencing implications if you are not successful. We will always be honest with you about the prospects of your case.

However, appeals from the Crown Court require specific grounds and do carry risks if you are appealing against original legal advice. Please call us and we will take you through your options.

Funding wise, you may be entitled to legal aid, but if not, we can act for you on a private basis and will be open and honest about the fees that we charge. You also may be unhappy with the advice given by your current legal team and we can also offer second opinions on a private basis, again for an agreed fee.

Some cases are able to be referred to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) but again rules are complex.  You have to have jumped through several legal hoops before being able to refer a case to the CCRC.