Why do I need a solicitor for my interview with the police?

At ZMS we are frequently told that a person was interviewed without a solicitor as “I haven’t done anything wrong”.  Even if this is the case, we strongly advise you to have a solicitor present at your interview. 

Often you may have done something that you did not know was illegal or the evidence is quite strong that you have done something, and you have not.  Always have a solicitor with you in interview.

You may be told you will have to wait a long time for a solicitor to arrive.  This is hardly ever the case with ZMS.  We have such a large team we always have someone available who can come straight the police station to help you as soon as the police are ready to interview you.

If you know in advance that you are to be interviewed for a new allegation, just call the office and we will arrange representation free of charge.

If you arrested out of the blue then again you can ask for ZMS and the police will contact us straight away.

Can I choose who to have to represent me?

Every person under arrest or taking part in a voluntary interview is entitled to the solicitor of their choice to represent them.  With our team on call 24 hours a day we will always have someone available to assist you.  Just ask for ZMS and the police will contact us.  If you do not know the name of a criminal defence solicitor you will be offered the duty solicitor.

What is a duty solicitor?

A lot of people think that somehow the Duty Solicitor is part of the police and “on their side”.  This is not the case.

All criminal defence firms that offer legal aid work form a 24 hour rota to ensure that there is always a solicitor available to help people that have been arrested or are to be voluntarily interviewed, and do not have their own solicitor.  All of the solicitors at ZMS are qualified duty solicitors.  This service is provided free of charge (see Legal Aid section on costs) and again means that the LAA agency not only ask for extra qualifications to be passed in order to act as a duty solicitor, but also the monitor carefully the amount and quality of work that is carried out by our duty solicitors.  We can guarantee the quality of our duty solicitors should they attend the police station to help you out.  If you ask for ZMS, you know you will get one of our team on your side.