Totting (having 12 or more points on your licence)

The more miles you drive the more you are at risk of a totting ban. Your first totting ban is a minimum 6 months, your second, a minimum 12 months and your third, a minimum 2 years. In order to avoid this, your only option is to argue exceptional hardship. This area of law can be complex and if you licence is important to you it is vital that you seek expert advice when putting together this argument.

(See Exceptional Hardship section)

The Magistrates and prosecution will often make through enquires in court by way of cross examination of you, as to why public transport, taxis, or even, in the event you will lose your job, why alternative employment is not possible. Therefore you must take this situation seriously. Consult us and obtain our specialist legal advice as soon as you realise this is an issue.