Zara Cowan

Zara is a Duty Solicitor and part of the Magistrates department, ensuring that the department runs smoothly.

Zara studied at De Montfort University where she obtained her degree in Public and Community Health BSc with Honours in 2018. Following this Zara joined a local firm in Leicester where she completed her Police Station Accreditation. At the same time Zara enrolled on the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) conversion course in 2020, again at De Montfort University.

Zara secured a Training Contract at that firm and went on to qualify as a Solicitor in Crime in November 2022, before going on to complete her Magistrates Court Qualification in Spring 2023 obtaining her Duty Solicitor status.

Zara has achieved a lot during the last 5 years and has shown commitment. Zara joins ZMS with a “can do” attitude and is eager to continue her growth. Zara is friendly and welcoming and has our clients’ best interests at the very forefront. Zara believes that she is able to relate to our clients. She appreciates and has witnessed the stress and anxiety that is caused by being involved in the Criminal Justice System. She deals with matters with empathy and compassion.

Zara spends her time between the Police Station and Magistrates Court is not afraid to challenge Police Officers during police interview and will make representations when necessary. Zara will engage with the Crown Prosecution Service whilst at Court which has resulted charges being discontinued on the day or ahead of trial.

Zara is proud to have achieved all she has throughout the last 5 years and looks forward to building her career with ZMS.