Yakesh Tanna Solicitor and Director - Head of Magistrates Court and Police Station Departments


Yakesh is a Solicitor who qualified in 1996 and has specialised in Criminal Defence work ever since. He represents clients at the Police Station, Magistrates Court and Youth Court on a wide variety of matters, including sexual offences,
robbery, theft, grievous bodily harm, drugs crime, violent crimes, drug trafficking, murder, homicide, kidnapping, offences against the person, firearm offences and offensive weapons. His lengthy career means that his knowledge
of criminal practice is extensive.

Over the years he has earned an excellent reputation for his clear, cogent and practical legal advice throughout all aspects of his practice.

When he became a Director his experience enabled him to contribute and inject new ideas to the Practice in accordance with the Firm’s Mission Statement, with a view to achieving the objectives of the Practice. He has played an integral part in the development of the firm which is now a ‘major player’ in the criminal arena and has been recognised by UK’s Legal 500 as an’ innovative, progressive and modern law firm excelling in giving high quality legal advice’. Something he is immensely proud of.

Throughout his lengthy career Yakesh has had the opportunity to deal with people from all walks of life and from diverse educational, cultural and occupational backgrounds. He has a huge amount of experience dealing with people with all types disabilities including autism, Asperger syndrome, Dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and epilepsy.

He is a Specialist Quality Mark Supervisor and is responsible for Supervision and Training at the Practice, as well as the ZMS mentoring scheme.

Having taught Criminal Law and Practice at several teaching institutions across the United Kingdom for over 15 years, his academic knowledge of the law helps him with dealing with the more complex cases that the firms handles on a daily basis. He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) and was awarded Role Model status by Coventry University in 2015.

Central Law Training, the largest and most successful provider of legal accreditation services employed Yakesh as a Professional Speaker in Criminal Practice, Assessor, Examiner and Marker. He was also Lead Assessor on the Assessment Schemes for Duty Solicitors and Police Station Representatives.

His academic experience further includes being approved as a Specialist Marker/Examiner in Criminal Law with the Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examination Board and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and an
author in Criminal Practice for CILEx. He is a Professional Ethics marker for the Bar Standards Board and previously a Course Leader in Criminal Law at Aston University. He has also been appointed as a Mentor to Law Students by the National Extension College as part of their Young Learners Service.

You can see from this biography that Yakesh is extremely passionate about his job, his team at ZMS and the legal profession both now and in the future. 

Client Feedback

I have used ZMS Solicitors on many occasions when my sons got into trouble over the years with the police. Each time I have felt well informed and supported and like my son’s case was as important to them as it was to me. Sunita and Yakesh were amazing, the dream team I would say. One of my sons has complex mental health issues and doesn’t ever trust anyone but even he trusted them. Sunita was so calm and patient with him and put him first even once making the court wait until he was absolutely ready. Thank you”

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