Abigail Wright

Abigail joined ZMS on 1st September 2022 as a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate and Duty Solicitor. 

She started her career in criminal defence in 2011 having attained a first class honours degree at the University of Derby. In the early years of her career she worked alongside Counsel representing people up and down the country charged with a wide range of offences including complex fraud matters, murder and serious sexual offences. 

Abigail spends her time between the Police Station, the Magistrates Court and the youth court giving her a vast knowledge of all aspects of these proceedings. She understands the stress and anxiety that is caused by being involved in the Criminal Justice System and will deal with you with compassion and empathy. 

In her last position Abigail was regularly instructed to prosecute on behalf of the RSPCA in South Yorkshire. This gives her a unique insight into the charging practices of the society but also an in-depth knowledge into the law. This gives Abigail specialist knowledge unique to other criminal defence lawyers. 

Notable cases:

R v K – Successful acquittal of a youth charged with Robbery. Trial held in the youth Court. 

R v S – Successful acquittal at half time of a nurse charged with assault of a patient. Instructed by the GMC. 

R v M – Successful negotiation with the CPS to limit the liability of a defendant charged with conspiracy to supply drugs resulting in a significantly lesser sentence.

R v W – Representation of a vulnerable defendant during proceedings in the magistrates court. Robust representations resulted in the CPS discontinuing proceedings. 

R v N – Representation of a female in the crown court facing sentence for an offence which put her in breach of a crown court suspended sentence. Successfully persuaded the crown court Judge not to activate the suspended sentence.

R v K – Acquittal of a male charged with gross negligent manslaughter. Abigail’s expert advice at the police station and attention to detail during court proceedings significantly attributed to the success of the legal arguments at half time. 


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