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ZMS Solicitors has a thriving Prison Law department specialising in the protection and enforcement of prisoner’s rights.

Our experienced staff represent prisoners who encounter difficulties in understanding their sentence, for example, or obtaining transfers, re-categorisation, parole and early release on "tag", to name just a few.

There are many other issues that effect prisoners, such as access to medical care and prescription drugs, access to employment opportunities, education, communication and rights of association. These rights may be withdrawn by the act of an authority, usually as a disciplinary action. This can create a potential right of action for the prisoner. We play a pivotal role in advising and representing clients of their basic fundamental and human rights.

We endeavour to resolve all issues, by employing a respectful but firm approach in dealing with the HM Prison Service or Home Office, by way of making strong, persuasive and pragmatic representations, or, if necessary, by way of challenge by Judicial Review.

ZMS Solicitors will visit any prisoner in the East Midlands area who raises an identifiable legal problem that we can assist with under our general criminal franchise. We will offer straightforward advice on how to achieve the required objectives and represent our client’s at hearings when required.

The service is free of charge to the client in custody as it is covered under the Criminal Defence Service general criminal franchise.

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