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Legal Aid helps with the costs of legal advice for people who cannot afford it. At ZMS we are committed to publicly funded work for those on a low income. Our ethos is to ensure that criminal defence services are accessible to everybody. 

Police Station

It is your absolute right to have a solicitor attend at the police station without cost to you. This means that our attendance at the police station will be free of charge to you. Everyone can get free advice and assistance at the police station, whether they have been arrested or not.

Magistrates Court And Youth Court

Our staff will help prepare and submit your legal aid application as soon as possible. An individual must pass both the interests of justice and means test to qualify for legal aid.

Legal aid has been subject to many changes and our staff are fully trained to ensure that every client is advised as to their eligibility for legal aid.

The Crown Court

Legal Aid is generally available to cases that reach the Crown Court. Cases which are to be tried at the Crown Court are not subject to any means test. However, you will be required to provide proof of your income, as the Court does have the power to make an order for a contribution towards the costs of your defence. Our staff will give you more information about this if it could affect you.

 What If You Are Ineligible?

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we also offer competitive private rates and fixed fees in appropriate cases. Please contact our offices for details of our rates.


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